Gold Hive Trading LLC (GH) is a precious metals and precious stones trading company based in Dubai United Arab Emirates.

We regroup some of the market’s finest specialists, with a combined 15+ years of experience in the precious metals mining, trading and refining sectors. GH is not your typical precious metals trading company. GH utilizes disruption as a tool to create niche opportunities, with the aim of creating value for all stakeholders and partners.

Due to the high-risk nature of the industry in which we operate, GH has put into place a robust system to ensure that:

  • Responsible Sourcing – Our gold is sourced from entities which comply with all applicable laws and regulations and abiding to industry’s best practice;
  • Compliance – We deal exclusively with suppliers and clients who meet our requirements in terms of KYC and complies with our AML/CTF policies;
  • Security – Buyers and suppliers are engaged with us on a safe and secure workflow whereby the assets are secured, safeguarded and risks mitigated;
  • Green Gold – A long-term objective to achieve our goal of sourcing gold procured exclusively in an environmentally friendly manner.


"To grow by securing responsible sourcing as a means of differentiation and securing our workflow for the mutual benefit of all stakeholders."


"To capture niche markets and adapting to the regulatory changes and implementing industry’s best practice so as to stay one step ahead."


"Integrity, honesty, diligence and recognizing the value of our employees."