Our Products

Dore Gold

We trade in unrefined gold bars with purity starting as low as 92%.

Pure Bars

We trade in pure 24carat 99.99% gold bars

Gold Coins

We provide clients with gold coins as per their designs, shape, sizes, weight.

Minted Precious Metals Items

We provide clients with minted precious metals items as per their design, shape, sizes, weight.

Our Services

Vaulting With Trusted Custodians

We work in partnership with world renowned security services companies to provide clients with a secured location to hold their gold in a fully insured vault.

Precious Metals Deals Structuring

We assist clients with negotiating and structuring precious metals cross border deals in a fully compliant manner with innovative structures that secure both the buyer and the seller.

Precious Metals Compliance Consultancy

We advise Dealers in precious metals and stones on their obligations under the UAE legal framework in an array of areas such as policy drafting and implementation, screening, due diligence, reporting among others.

Gold Mining And Refining Consultancy

We have a dedicated team with significant experience in gold mining and refining that can assist from project conception to selling the minerals.